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The Group & Revive At The Group



The Group is an Obstetrics and Gynecology office in Davenport, Iowa. This female doctor owned practice is extremely successful in the Quad Cities since specializing in female and child health. They were opening a secondary practice that focused on skin care and aesthetic treatments and wanted to marry the old brand as well as create a new brand for their aesthetic office next door. I helped in the naming of this new practice and created all of the branding elements. 

The brief emphasized that they wanted to stick with their purple brand colors but the new practice they wanted it to be refreshed. I started with the first brand and refreshing it with new brand elements and solidifying their color palette, creating a set of brand rules for their internal team to take and use for marketing practices. 

The new brand bridges the gap between sturdy, trustworthy, and reliant medical practices while toeing the line of femininity. The creation of patterns that were inspired by design elements in The Group's modern building interior.



A peek at the brand guide showing the pantone colors, updated font and logo lockups.



Mockups of the updated logo and the metal signs on the interior and exterior of The Group's building.



Showing the foil approach and the different patterns created based on the interior of the building and some inspired by life on a cellular level.



Revive is an extension of The Group that focuses on skin treatments to restore and relax clients. The primary goal of the design is to translate the tangible experience of high-quality care and service into the visual brand that speaks to a specific target audience. The Revive brand is successful through the creation of the logo, logotype and elements. With the creation of the logo mimicking the 'R' as an icon like the 'G' in The Group. I integrated bronze foil into the 'R' logo, used clean and professional typeface, and created custom patterns to illustrate the treatments provided by Revive. All of these elements work together to create an elevated high-end brand experience.

The way Revive is positioned in the market will reflect the customer experience as well as its relationship with The Group. With the update to The Group brand, it is clear to see the relationship between both entities. The consistency of the logos, custom type patterns with foil treatment, defined color pallets, and unified typeface are seen in both entities. It is important to keep the relationship with both brands aligned with brand standards. 

When creating collateral pieces, the foil logos will be primary and appropriately used with approved brand colors. Patterns will be treated with bronze or silver dependent on which entity is being featured. Patterns are only used when illustrating a product or service. Appropriate lifestyle photography is desired when promoting either brand.



New patterns inspired by building interior and textures of skin.

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