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Cookies & Dreams

Art Direction

Environmental Design


Successful restaurant owners of Baked Beer & Bread, Stephanie and Bill, slowly offered rich, thick and filling filled cookies as dessert options in the front of their restaurant. What started as a small dessert option, quickly grew into a new venture to start a cookie shop in the Quad Cities. The mastermind behind the cookies, Stephanie, wanted to warm the hearts for everyone who came into their shop doors. ​

Cookies & Dreams was created as a fun and fresh cookie shop identity that showcased Stephanie's and her cookie's personality. As with every identity, I started with the logo. The logo was created initially by a family friend but we felt it needed a little tweaking to be adaptable to a digital or print environment. To keep any brand recognition that was built up I decided to keep the circular shape and the whimsical nature of the typography. The updated logo takes those initial bones and creates a logo that has a bit more weight, a typeface that is easier to read, and gives a little more meaning to the logo. The concept of the logo is a play on chips of a cookie and the craters of a moon. This results in the visual representation of both cookies and dreams.



The color palette is inspired by the colors of the cookie dough and a couple of fun icing colors to add an accent to the beiges and browns found in cookie dough.



The tone of voice is whimsical and witty with fun typography that express the brand's personality.


The photography mood as depicted below would be whimsical, colorful, and bold. Showing a mix of cookie images, dough, and moments that make going to Cookies & Dreams a great experience.


Renderings of the new store space were created to show how the brand elements would work within the cookie shop space.


​Additional brand application exploration through packaging, cookie van design, web page, custom patterns, and overall brand vision.

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