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The Plex



New urban development on the outskirts of Bettendorf, Iowa just off the I-80 Interstate, became a hotspot for new businesses, hotels, and the TBK Sports Complex. This area started to be known as the Bett Plex to the locals. TBK is the main generator of the development with it's high end sports complex that hosts large sporting competitions regularly and wanted to name this area and brand it so more new businesses would develop in that area and expand the offerings.

The Plex name was settled on by me and the TBK marketing team and a logo was developed. A logo system was also developed to be used in conjunction with other businesses for use as a location point of reference. 



The logo system features the business as a main reason for coming but The Plex is featured as a location point of reference. The main brand colors are the light blue and navy but the system allows for businesses to change the 'X' in Plex to a color that is included in their brand. Allowing that little bit of flexibility keeps the logo fresh and avoids clashing with the main business logo.

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