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The power of a brand starts from within. At the core of every successful brand are people who believe in and live out the basic values of the company; they are brand advocates. Branding and communication should be a reflection of the quality of experience a customer will have with these brand advocates.


Fidelity Bank & Trust is built upon the loyalty of their team members and their commitment to deliver the best possible financial solutions for their customers. Branches are entrenched in their local communities and as the “Hometown Bank”, Fidelity deserves a visual brand that reflects this experience.


My vision for the Fidelity Bank & Trust brand is to clearly define them as the Hometown Bank and solidify the look and feel of the visual brand. Doing so will provide clarity for the consumer, elevate the perception of the bank and help establish a clear voice, both internally and externally. The brand vision begins with a focus on people. Relationships are the cornerstone of this brand, and even as we continue to move into the digital age, having an understanding of an individual’s needs is important, now more than ever. Photography is monochromatic and warm in tone, suggesting the warmth of relationship and the overall experience of banking with Fidelity.


Overall, the look and feel of the brand takes a retro-modern approach, with a vintage treatment on the background of the photos, hand-drawn custom icons and textures and patterns that harken back to a simpler time. This retro look takes inspiration from designs from the early part of the 20th century, when Fidelity Bank & Trust was founded, and helps to drive home the longevity of the bank, instilling consumer confidence in the fact that Fidelity Bank & Trust is here to stay. However, this retro look is spun with a modern flair, with large areas of flat color, scalable vector icons to communicate in the digital space and lifestyle images of people using their devices to bank with Fidelity, no matter where they are.


Color is an easy way to connect the tangible aspects of a brand experience with the intangible perceptions of a brand in consumer’s minds. We want Fidelity to own “Fidelity Blue”. Additionally, an expanded color palette of two new blues and two gold colors help bring a greater sense of trustworthiness, accountability and friendliness to the brand. This newly defined color palette brings greater flexibility and visual variety to the brand, while firmly establishing Fidelity in the minds of consumers.

20181112_161434 copy.jpg
20181112_161445 copy.jpg
20181112_161508 copy.jpg
20181112_161406 copy.jpg


These elements work together to create a brand narrative that is dynamic and professional, retro and modern, bold and yet, quietly humble. This is the new face of Fidelity Bank & Trust, and it’s built out of an appreciation of the bank’s history, with a focus on the future.

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