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Rock Island Regional Office Of Education

Identity Design



The Rock Island County Regional Office of Education (RIROE) brand identity emphasizes the new mission and vision for Rock Island County. The new wordmark and icon takes on a personality that was missing from the legacy identity of RIROE. The wordmark utilizes a modern, bold and easily read typeface. The icon replacing the ‘O’ in RIROE is a top down view of a graduation cap. The tassel swings in an upward motion indicating the future and forward motion for families, students and the RIROE organization. The outer shape of the icon is left as an outline to bring in the legacy of RIROE and the shape lends itself to mimic a yield sign. That representation is a reminder that RIROE is putting families and students first in all of the efforts to improve the county.




The Rock Island County Regional Office of Education is committed to providing high quality educational programs and services for comprehensive, ongoing support to children, families, schools, and our diverse communities.



The Rock Island County Regional Office of Education will be known and utilized by our families, schools, and diverse communities as the authority on educational issues, programs and services that advance safe, efficient and effective schools.



Service. Integrity. Excellence.

RIROE Identity Color Options
RIROE Logo with motto



In addition to the primary identity and the identity with motto, there are additional icons set within the RIROE logo to represent the three pillars of improvement for Rock Island County. The supporting identities would be utilized for individual programs that are focused specifically on professional development, education or growth. They are not to be used in conjunction with the primary RIROE identity. The primary identity should be used if speaking of the RIROE organization as a whole.

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