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Silvis School District

Web Design



The Silvis School District works hard to ensure a bright future for the students of their schools. They are behind the scenes doing their best to give students opportunities for growth. With a logo icon created by a student, a new mascot identity as the Rockets, and a lanyard for color inspiration, I created an identity where they stand as a driving force for opportunity in the Silvis, Illinois area.

The few driving elements from the client helped me formulate a color palette where the main emphasis is on the district owning the power orange and royal blue colors. I added those colors to the logo and constructed a secondary color palette for color emphasis. In addition to  picking out the color palette, I needed to make sure that colors that were used would be readable for everyone that would be utilizing the website. That includes individuals that have visual impairments. 



For the Silvis School District's new website presence, I wanted to highlight what the district members do to help give students opportunity everyday. For the website design I chose to emphasize power words that lead to opportunity. I created a highlighter texture, drawn in an arc to mimic the upward motion of the rocket in the logo icon. The monotone photo treatment is to further emphasize the Silvis district colors and unify the individuals featured in the images. Energy is a big component of the site that is shown through the image clippings, highlight texture, and the colors. The site at its core is meant to be very straightforward and easy to navigate to accommodate a wide audience with different purposes while still delivering the brand message of the district.

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