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Thurgood Marshall Academy

Identity Design


As a referral school, Thurgood Marshall Learning Center was built upon the cornerstone principles of Respect and Resilience. The strength of the school and dedication of its staff are second to none. Combining these principles with a pioneering spirit in education, the school has established a learning environment that truly makes an impact in the lives of its youth. It is this innovative approach to education, combined with Resiliency and Respect that has led to a thriving school that is positioned to be an influencer in education as well as a critical asset to our community.


These thoughts fueled the idea that an institution as important as Thurgood Marshall deserves an identity that not only reflects its core values, but also provides a symbol for both its students and staff to rally around—a symbol they can call their own and one they can take pride in.

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Just as Thurgood Marshall has elevated their school, a new name was in order. Previously known as Thurgood Marshall Learning Center they are going to transition to Thurgood Marshall Academy. A name that better identifies with their innovative education structures. The identity has been split up into two parts. The first being an academic logo for formal documents and the second is a charging Titan mascot logo.

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Shields are important symbols in history and they are, by function, a lifesaving tool and source of strength. In history, the shield has been translated to mean strength, durability, resiliency, security, protection, safety and defense. Using a shield as the main icon for the school reinforces its symbolism and what it means for Thurgood Marshall students and staff.

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Additionally, a mascot has been developed to bring personality to the brand and serve as a symbol for students and staff to rally around. The titan is poised with a look of determination, arms gripping his shield. He is positioned in a forward moving pose ready for battle and ready to take on any obstacle in his path. The shield is a purposeful prominent piece of this illustration. The shield is protecting the titan but it is also representing Thurgood Marshall with a monogram.


You'll notice that the 'TM' monogram and shield combination become a recognizable symbol that can be used with the mascot and alone as an academic mark for the academy. Together the mascot and academic logos form a connection, which becomes an easy-to-apply logo system. For applications that encourage school spirit, the mascot would be used. For formal communications, the academic shield logo and wordmark are preferred.

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