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Art Direction



In the world today, there is a huge emphasis on higher education. Some employers won't even look at an applicant's resume if it doesn't include a specialized program degree. More and more students are looking for Universities and programs that can put them on track to reach their dream jobs, but the caveat is the hefty price tag that comes along with higher education. That is where TuitionFit comes in.


TutitionFit is an online tool for students to contribute and upload offer letters and awards. Mark Salisbury, the founder of TuitionFit had a goal in mind for this tool. He wanted to give students of traditional or non-traditional origin the ability to compare financial aid that was offered from universities by comparing that data with students in the same financial level. Ultimately this would give students the opportunity to negotiate with universities to get a better price for their education. 

When I met Mark, he was just starting up this tool. Working to find investors and working with his co-founder, Kimberly, to create this tool. My job was to help name and create an identity for this new tool. After a long session of potential names, the team settled on TuitionFit.



The logo is inspired by the partnership that occurs between students and colleges and Tuitionfit is the bridge that brings those two entities together. The TuitionFit goal is to give students the option to pick their college experience based on informed financial decisions and to give colleges a new way to recruit students and see their competitor’s pricing model.


The TF logo is inspired by the unification of these two entities by combining the letter T and F into a unique symbol that serves as the foundation for the TF brand. The two color approach of the logo further emphasizes the partnership between the student and college.



For this identity, there needed to be a flexible color palette for any potential color contrast issues with any University color pairing. This also gave a higher emphasis to the icon shape and word lockup rather than a specific color pairing.



Below are examples of brand application and expression through ads, collateral, web design, and apparel.

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